Inside the Economy with SH&J: July 6, 2015

Did you know, Greece’s fall is likely affecting China’s market? Larry delves into what Greece’s current state of affairs really means, reminds us their economy is about the size of Somalia’s and shares his thoughts on “dumping inflation on the citizens.” Stateside, Larry covers some interesting economic factors in the U.S. including the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, wages, interest rates and the municipal bond market. A must listen for those who want to stay up to speed on the global and local economy.

Inside the Economy with SH&J: June 8, 2015

Though this week’s Inside the Economy is shorter than usual, it is full of interesting tidbits worth knowing. Larry goes into detail on the U.S. GDP’s recent correction, shares important notes on the labor market and unemployment, and takes us around the globe from Europe to China. He also touches on the S&P 500’s ‘less exciting’ trend, as well as the bond market’s increase in volatility. Listen in and share your comments and questions below.