Inside the Economy with SH&J: October 26, 2015

The dollar looks like it might weaken, Puerto Rico could have a political solution, and for the first time the Congressional Budget Office named the public federal government accounts holding 13.1 trillion dollars in debt — all topics covered this week. During the commentary, Larry said, “I’m also in the camp, along with several people, who think China is in a recession…” Listen in to hear what else Larry shared about China and the global economy in this week’s Inside the Economy with SH&J.

Note: We apologize for the audio quality this week. We experienced some technical difficulties during recording and will be back up to snuff in time for our next release in 2 weeks.

To Stay or to Go: Should You Downsize or Renovate as an Empty Nester?

project of construction and renovation houseThe last kid has left for college or to start their career. As the past few years have gone by perhaps you have wandered from room to room wondering why you are paying for all this space or wishing your space was better used. It could be time for you to consider downsizing or maybe your home is in need of a few simple renovations.

Before you make the decision to stay or go, here are a few things to consider:

Have they really flown the coop?

It is becoming more common for college graduates to move back in with their parents for a while as they find a job and establish a career. Do you want to stay in your home and wait to see if they need their space again? Before making the decision to move, think through the possible scenarios with your children to determine if it makes sense to hold onto the family home for a while longer.

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Inside the Economy with SH&J: October 12, 2015

The SH&J team kept Larry on his toes this week with a lot of interesting questions. Discussions arose over the stock markets, the dollar and CBO’s ten year Treasury outlook. Larry covered a lot of additional ground including minimum wage and upper-end staffing, the S&P 500, the dollar, and the TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership) which “kind-of passed this week.” It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the economy and Larry covered many important bases. Listen in to catch up on where the U.S. and global economy has been and where they might be headed.

Retirement Savings 101: What’s The Difference Between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA?

Saving plan with Gold Piggy bankThe world of retirement savings can be confusing. Which option is best to help you move towards your goals? What is the difference between all of the retirement savings options? Over the next few weeks, we try to clear the muddy waters and help you gain an understanding of what retirement savings plan might be best for you.

Today we start with IRAs…

IRAs, Individual Retirement Accounts, are popular tools to save for retirement. The type of IRA you select can affect your long-term savings. It’s important to understand the various types of accounts to select the best one for you.

The main difference in Traditional and Roth IRAs comes down to when you pay income taxes. For Traditional IRAs, you pay taxes when you withdraw money in retirement. With a Roth IRA, you pay taxes on the front end, but no taxes when you withdraw.

Let’s start by looking at a Traditional IRA…

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Inside the Economy with SH&J: September 28, 2015

The U.S. GDP number adjusted up, Qatar opens a $35B investment fund in NYC and Larry names China as the cause of global slowing — all topics in this week’s Inside the Economy with SH&J. Larry also touches on the U.S. federal debt, impressive personal savings rates and the potential impact of a government shutdown. He ends his commentary by reminding us, while the markets may appear a little volatile, there is little volume and the trading is trying to generate some more activity. Listen in and share with your family and friends.