10 Ways to Give Back: Time, Talent and Treasure

As the new year begins and we look to the future, many of us start thinking of ways we can give back to our communities. We’ve rounded up 10 ideas for you which include everything from financial giving to contributing your time or talents to support the charities and nonprofits you love! Check out the list to discover new ways to give back.

1. Give Money
Making a donation of money can be a very simple way of giving back. Charities and nonprofit organizations need capital not only to support their cause but also for operating costs. Make sure to save your donation receipts for your accountant.

2. Gift Appreciated Stock
Your favorite organization can benefit from a gift of appreciated stock by selling the stock at market value and realizing the full amount without paying taxes. Here’s a simple example: If you bought 10 shares of a stock at $25 a share and it is now worth $100 a share, the organization would receive the full value of $1,000 and you may be eligible to receive a $1,000 tax deduction. Donating the stock will prevent you from having to sell those shares and pay taxes on the gain and allow the charity to realize the full value of the appreciated stock. Donating appreciated stocks can be a wonderful way to give to organizations. Continue reading